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What ARE my rights anyway?

I mean... I "know" my "rights"... but over the last few years it doesn't feel like they are actually real.

Our rights are honestly being bent so far sideways that they don't really feel like rights anymore...

Our freedom of speech is muffled. Especially being in the "white privilege" category. My opinion is taboo about basically anything involving race and ethics. I've already been bullied more than once for making any sort of statement about lives mattering. I can honestly say I've been silenced. I am no longer speaking about my opinion, even when asked.

Our freedom of religion is stifled. All of a sudden there are riots INSIDE churches while we are trying to worship. I didn't attend church because of threats that were being made. Yes! Here at my local church! I have 4 young children so I couldn't risk it.

Our freedom of the right to bare arms is broken. All of a sudden I am an accomplice to child murder if I decide to protect myself and my family. At this point I'm afraid of having registered weapons or even letting anyone know if I have firearms or not for fear of being judged or targeted.

So many of the people I love fought for these freedoms. And don't get me wrong I understand all of the points of view from different sides. I actually love to take the time to listen to everyone's views, experiences, pains and fears. That is what I love about being an American. We can all talk to each other, have a healthy debate and come to an appreciation of each other's values and passions. Well, we were supposed to be able to do that. Unfortunately, we are facing a generation of extreme bullying and anti-social communication techniques (how's that for an oxymoron).

Let's not let our veterans efforts go to waste!

Next time you see something on Facebook regarding politics or controversial topics, ask yourself what must have happened to them to make that their view. I guarantee they probably had an experience with it that caused pain or fear. Ask yourself why YOU believe what you believe. It's probably tied to pain or fear. If not, then it's how you were raised. Ingrained into your mental makeup as "its just the way it is."

There's nothing wrong with that! Half of what I believe is because my parents told me so. The rest is from my own life experiences. But no matter what ANYONE else posts or says, my view always reverts back to my Pappa. He had his opinions, but he respectfully had conversations about them. He served over 20 years in the Army, and retired as a Master Sergeant, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He served his community until the day he died. He didn't complain, he didn't say no to someone in need, and he loved his family.

If everyone was like Pappa, we'd have a pretty awesome world.

My goal is to make sure he lives on in me and my kids.

So thank you Veterans. Thank you for your service and I will continue to enjoy and uphold my freedoms as respectfully and gently as possible!

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