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What's Your Word for 2022?

I have heard of people choosing a word to focus on for the year.

I actually think I did this exercise a few years ago. However I cannot remember my word, LOL! What an impact it made, right?

But I was talking with a woman about her word this weekend. Someone was telling her about the Reclaim Journal and through this description her face lit up and she shouted, "THAT'S IT!!! THAT'S MY WORD!!! RECLAIM!!!"

I was of course, humbled by this and she was ever-so-nice enough to show me her post involving this revelation and her resolution for the year using the word "reclaim". This is what she wrote...

"Reclaim is my One Word for 2022!

Reclaim: To me this word means 'a bringing back to a former state or condition of someone or something...'

For me I'm bringing back the happy, healthy, loving and magnetic core of myself that has been covered up by years of Life and non-stop Go-Go-Go....that inner Child is who I am looking to find!

1) Reset with new habits...dropping old ones that don't fit anymore and consistently picking up new ones that do work;

2) Surrounding myself with people who are positive and growing stronger both mentally and physically each day;

3) Becoming more aware and discovering what makes me SPARKLE!"


And it fits the Reclaim Journal SO well because in the journal, there is a daily and weekly habit tracker that is exactly FOR this purpose... to find out which habits are holding you back, and which habits would catapult you forward.

And the Reclaim Journal talks about your surroundings, and controlling them in such a way that will help you weed out the noise and the toxicity and fill your life with positivity and growth!

And the last part... this is what struck me the most! Reclaim the SPARKLE.

I can't remember if I've posted about this before, but "Sparkle" has been my word for myself since 2012. I attended a retreat and the facilitators told us to ask God what He calls us. Kind of a true nickname that encompasses how He sees us. I asked and God delivered. As I was gazing at the stars, I had to do a double take. No joke, I saw the word "SPARKLE" written in the stars in the night sky. It was just for a second and it went away. Ever since then, I see myself as "Sparkle" in God's eyes and it has motivated me and brought me through the toughest of times!

I love that! So now, my official slogan for the Reclaim Legacy is "Reclaim Your Sparkle"!!!

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