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Do what you desire!

I heard a really impactful video narrated by Alan Watts talking about doing what you desire.

In my own words, he was saying that the condition of the human race is so "stupid" really. We spend more than half our day doing jobs we don't like in order to make money to go on living the way we are which is to keep doing things we don't like doing.

He goes on to ask us,

What would you do if money were no object? What would you love to spend your time doing?

He says it's better to have a short life doing exactly what you love rather than live a long life doing things that make you miserable.

When I heard this video it literally changed the way I did things, and not only that but the things that I was doing. I no longer did anything that caused a drain on my spirit or energy. I made a list of the last times I remembered smiling, laughing or feeling peaceful. I took note of what I was DOING during those times. And I did more of THOSE things!

Guitar was one of those things. Music and singing. I love to create music. I love that I can look up a song on my phone and play it. Any mood I'm in, any company I have, I can connect with them, or with myself through music that I create. It's an amazing feeling.

What is it that YOU love to do? What brings you joy? What is it that YOU desire? Do more of that! See where it takes you! And for GOD'S sake stop doing ANYTHING that you don't like! Life is too short! Live it up!

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