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Dare to Repair: The Kintsugi Self-Love Soiree for Unbreakable Women

Hey there, fabulous ladies! Ready for a night of breaking, bonding, and a touch of golden glam? Join us for a two-hour escapade where we're turning shattered bowls into works of art and broken moments into badges of honor.


Get your hands on a hammer, take a swing, and let's talk about life’s curveballs over a cuppa – or maybe a glass of something sparkly. We're ditching the seriousness for some casual elegance as we navigate the art of breaking and healing with a touch of laughter and a sprinkle of sparkle.


Ever heard of Kintsugi? It's the Japanese secret to embracing imperfections with style. We're gluing those broken pieces back together with golden luster, because let's face it – our cracks make us uniquely fascinating. It's like the fine wine of self-discovery – we get better with time, right?


Grab your besties, your sisters, or make it a mother-daughter bonding moment. Because life's better when shared, especially when we're transforming heartbreak into something downright fabulous.

Warning: Side effects may include unstoppable laughter, newfound wisdom, and a sparkling sense of self.


Ready to trade the broken for the breathtaking? Secure your spot now for an evening that's part therapy, part art class, and all heart. Limited tickets, so don't wait – we'd hate for you to miss out on the laughter, the love, and the light.

Snag your seat now!

We are limited to 10 people per class.


Event Deets:

  • When: 2-4pm
  • Where: 521 Denver Ave, Loveland
  • Cost: $25 (includes bowl - but you are welcome to bring your own*)
  • Recommended Age: 14+
  • Dress Code: Something you can confidently rock while breaking and creating


Unleash your inner warrior, darling, because you're not just putting pieces back together – you're crafting a masterpiece.

Cheers to the journey from broken to unbreakable. See you there! 


*If you bring your own bowl or family heirloom that is already broken be sure that it is only in 3-5 peices. Anything more "broken" than that will be hard to repair in the time that we have together. You could start it here and then finish it at home if you'd like. 

Kinstugi Experience - May 12th in Loveland

Excluding Sales Tax
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