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Coming Fall of 2024!

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Founder of Reclaim LLC and former


Nobody could have possibly prepared us for what we have been through, could they?

Did you start your journey in this life believing that you could marry the love of your life, start a family, become a great mom, and make a difference?

Have you noticed that throughout life, the people you trusted betrayed you, society showed you that you don't measure up, and you just kept getting curveball after curveball thrown at you until you became so shattered that you couldn't even look in the mirror?

Does this sound like you?

You are not alone.

So many of us would do just about anything to get our Sparkle back. 

Welcome to your new tribe

This retreat is designed to Reclaim your Sparkle and help you find Peace & Meaning.

Using unique mindset techniques, powerful speaker testimonials, and transformational breakout workshops, you will leave with real strategies to bring back to your everyday life and family that will give you the strength, confidence and courage to straighten your crown under any circumstance. In a world where the whispers of society tell you constantly that you aren't good enough, the Reclaim Program help women find their voice again and then trust it, even when it doesn't seem possible. 

Women were never meant to do life alone.

Your new tribe of Sparkly Sisters are going to be there for you for life! 

This is not one of those retreats where you feel amazing until you get home and then all of your old demons just smother you back into submission. 

You will have real results even when you go back home!

  • Healing Mindset Techniques

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • How to Choose and Stick To Healthy Habits for YOU!

  • What is a Stuck Cycle and How to Break Through It

  • How to Find Your Place in a Broken World

  • Understanding Your Human Design

  • The Art of Dating Yourself

  • Relationship/Marriage Enhancement


  • Parenting Hacks for Single/Busy Moms

  • Parenting Hacks for Stay At Home Moms

  • High Conflict Divorce Strategies

  • Post-Separation Abuse: What is it and how to protect yourself and your kids

  • Different Types of Abuse, Symptoms, Healing Techniques

  • Breaking the Chains of Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

  • Starting a Business/Imposter Syndrome

...and more!

Join us next fall, 2024 for the Straighten Your Crown Retreat - Location and prices to come.

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