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Brandi Babin

Motivational Speaker 

Podcast Host 




Fining Purpose & Meaning

Emotional Trauma Recovery & Healing

Productivity Strategies

Habits & Goals

Career Performance

Post-Separation Abuse

Motherhood/Parenting Strategies

Parenting for Single Mothers

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A Bit About Me

My story starts out very normal. A small town girl with big dreams. 

I always knew I wanted to do something important and save the world somehow. I never knew what that would be, but I knew it would be great.


What I didn't know is that the only real way to gain the wisdom that it takes to "save the world" is to have experiences... not always good ones.


In the past 13 years I have had some severe ups and downs. It's allowed me to see things from a different perspective, relate to people on a whole new level, and bring some light into the darkness that many people are facing quietly, without anyone else knowing. 


My strategy to change the world is adding heartfelt wisdom mixed with a little humor to teach women how to do what I did... come back from rock bottom, align themselves with their purpose and passion, and soar to new heights with resolve, joy, and confidence.


I have risen from suicidal ideation and a mental hospital to a successful woman in business, author, podcaster, speaker, national beauty queen, and single mother of 4. I have never been this mentally tough, confident and joyful in my day-to-day life and I have documented my journey and everything I did to get here in my book called Reclaim - A Journey to Self-Discovery. 


I have many resources in my program Reclaim University (Reclaim U) and I offer many free resources from experts in my Podcast Shattered to Unbreakable. 


I would be happy to speak at your event if it aligns with my career and my family :) Please get in touch through email if you would like to book an event. Until then, enjoy the free content on Instagram, the podcast, and Reclaim U and above all else ~ Stay Sparkly, Sweet Sister!

Speaking Experience

January 2018 

October 2021

April 2023

My first real speaking engagement was an exciting January conference for the Mary Kay sales force. I was asked to speak to a room of over 100 aspiring Sales Directors and Red Jacket Consultants about what it takes to accomplish big goals. I did this by speaking about self-love and winning in the dark when no one is watching. I emphasized positive self-talk and celebrating small wins and progress. I still have women reach out to me to this day about what was said in that speech and it warms my heart! This event set my soul on fire for public speaking. This is where it all began.

Based on my passion for helping women fall back in love with their own reflection, I won the title of Ms United States 2021. My platform promise was to make every effort to teach women how to look in the mirror and reclaim that beautiful little 5-year-old girl inside that used to twirl about in the mirror, giggling and delighting in herself. I know she is still there in all of us, and if we treat her right, we can Reclaim Her! Throughout the year of my reign I spoke at many different presentations, broadcasts, podcasts, and live streams. I also spoke on stage and to up and coming aspiring queens, instructing and inspiring them on their journey.

My platform still stands today, which is that every woman deserves to look in the mirror and delight in what she sees.

This was my first speaking event after Reclaim LLC was founded. I was honored to be asked to inspire a room of over 80 business owners and entrepreneurial women during their Rise & Bloom event for Northern Colorado Women In Business. This solidified my desire for public speaking as I am still (a year later) being told that it was many of the women's most memorable speech since the organization's opening three years ago. My main focus was to assure these women that each of them was unique in such a special way that it was imperative that they embrace their own unique talents as a way to stand out in business, creating an atmosphere of abundance and innovation. We need each of their talents exactly how they are, and I encouraged them to find their own "care instructions" just as you wouldn't place a succulent in water or hang a bamboo plant on a wall, each of them has their own care plan that is unique to them and if they try to be like someone else, they may wither and wilt. This was all about a knowing that your uniqueness is exactly what will make you successful!

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