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The Reclaim Self-Discovery Subscription Box is the perfect treat to ensure that you have current tools every month to guide you on your journey of reclaiming your sparkle! We all know that when we were little girls, we thought we were beautiful, smart, talented, and worth of wonder! Somewhere along the way, we lost that delight we had in ourselves. Now, we are ready to reclaim it! Subscribe today to begin your healing journey using month-by-month baby steps! We will include self-development and healing tools each month, including bite-sized bits of the Reclaim Journal and other healing tools, as well as flavored tea, aromatic tools, jewelry, affirmations, stickers, notebooks, pens and more! Our creativity is about to be unleashed as we spoil you into self-discovery!


VIP Option available! More info to come - sign up for the waitlist for more info or email us at

Reclaim Self-Discovery Subscription Box

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