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The Reclaim Strategy gave me meaning, healing, and peaceful success. This program is proven to create alignment and radical success without burnout, and that's exactly what it did for my family. It changed everything for us, especially me. My confidence improved, relationships flourished, emotional intelligence skyrocketed and my career blossomed. And most importantly, my parenting. I like to tell people that my kids finally got to meet their "real mom!" Not the shell of a mom they used to have, wrought with the effects of emotional abuse, Complex PTSD, and trauma responses. ​ When I saw the massive results I decided to offer it to you, Sweet Sister. I want you to find peace and meaning in a world that makes it almost impossible.... almost. Check out RECLAIM U, a free training program that walks you through exactly what I did to rewire my brain, master my mindset, and align my life with my beliefs! It's all FREE on one condition... that you do it and then share it! Watch the vidoes, download the guides, listen to the podcast, and SHARE SHARE SHARE. Why? Because 98% of women don't like what they see in the mirror... and that's how we are raising our kids. The change begins with us. If you're not changing it, you're choosing it. It's time to design your life, my friend.

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The Shattered to Unbreakable Podcast by Reclaim is an ongoing collection of resources for you and it's all FREE!

We talk about things like:

  • Self-Discovery                   

  • Pinpointing your Purpose 

  • Peaceful Productivity  

  • Communicating w/ Difficult People 

  • Parenthood

  • Success Hacks

  • Relationship Tips 

  • Trauma Recovery

  • How to Navigate Narcissism and Thrive after Narcissistic/Emotional Abuse

  • And MORE!

We laugh, cry, interview experts, laugh some more, and drink tea while we spill the tea on all the most controversial yet essential topics for a happy, peaceful and meaningful life.


Give it a listen, leave a review, and share it with everyone!



Courses, Hacks, Guides & Strategies for your most MASSIVE goal success!

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Brainspotting was my secret weapon in my battle against anxiety and PTSD... 

It's safe to say I slayed it!

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“Ok, I’m officially impressed! After a decade plus of working in the health, fitness and coaching industry I’m a tough cookie to crack but I couldn’t believe all Brandi was able to help me bring up and work through in just one brain spotting session! It was so helpful being able to peel back the layers of years of negative beliefs I didn’t even realize were packed in there! You can tell Brandi’s heart to help support and love, yet professionalism in her sessions which truly put you at ease to sit back and enjoy the ride!”

- Brea E., Mrs. United States 2021

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