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Confessions of a Mundane Life

"I love helping people, and I've finally found my passion! It's not as important as what you're doing, but it's rewarding."

I gasped. I couldn't believe I was hearing this come out of her mouth! I immediately came to her defense, highlighting the fact that she was WAY more important to her clients than I was! They don't even know me! To them, I'm a stranger on the internet... to them, SHE was their coach, their path to success, their advocate, and their mentor. What could possibly be more important than that?!

This conversation was a stab to my heart. To think that anyone would feel that just because they weren't in the so-called "spotlight", their work was not "important"... What has this world and society done to us? They've glorified fame and success (or at least their definition of it) to the point that if someone isn't recognized globally with their own show, website, and fan club... they aren't important? I would argue that those with this "mundane life" are MOST important!!!

Who cleans the tools of the best neurosurgeon in the world? Not him! That's for sure! And if they don't do a great job, his surgeries would result in possibly fatal infections.

Who taught the classes he took to gain his knowledge? Those teachers had to be accurate, inspiring, and encouraging.

Who raised him? Those guardians or parents had to believe in him and encourage him to shoot for the stars.

Who supports him? Someone had to take a chance on him, giving him a job right out of college with little-to-no experience.

There are WAY MORE mundane people behind every single "IMPORTANT" or well-known person out there changing the world.

One of my favorite stories from fellow self-development gurus is the one Ed Mylett shares about his dad. Ed Sr. was an alcoholic and it made Ed's childhood a hard one. Until he was 15 years old, he had to tip-toe around his dad, doing what he could to regulate his mood and protect his family. Until one day a random person invited Ed Sr. to an AA meeting. It changed his life, therefore changing Ed's life, and rippling into literally millions of lives. Yet the person who invited his dad to that meeting is unknown. That Holy Moment, that choice to invite someone into a better life, changed the lives of millions.

Each and every one of us has that calling. I choose to speak loudly, through the internet, speaking events, writing books, etc. That's just my choice. I enjoy it. It isn't for everyone and certainly is not the only way!

It does NOT mean I am important! Not any more or less important than anyone else. And the people who have helped me get to this point are un-named and in the shadows most of the time. But they are MOST important in my story to healing and sharing my experience and knowledge.

So next time you fold that laundry, do the dishes, hear "Mommy" for the thousandth time, or sit through another pick-up line listening to another podcast... know that every moment you choose to interact with someone, care for yourself, listen to another story from your kids on how dinosaurs like tacos, or smile at another person in the grocery store line... know that you ARE important... even in this mundane life.

Stay Sparkly, Sweet Sisters!

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