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Deafening Silence

As I sat down to write a blog in the quiet of my apartment, after a long few days of non-stop go, go, go. I couldn't help but notice this... NOISE...

It wasn't the TV, it wasn't the neighbors, it wasn't kids playing or dogs barking or construction sounds or grass being mowed. It was completely quiet.

I can't even explain it to you. The silence is so "loud" that I can't even focus on anything else to write about.

And that got me to thinking. In the state of our country right now, there is a strong push for everyone to have this voice and its not just a "I'm proud of who I am" voice, it has a "come at me" undertone. It's almost like somebody is ready to pounce, no matter what is said about anything.

While some are speaking up and speaking out, others are forced to quiet their beliefs for fear of being labeled and shamed. However the people speaking out are doing so because THEY have felt labeled and shamed. It's seeming like a "How do YOU like it?" kind of movement.

And I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong, I'm not trying to be political here. I try to understand ALL the views and where they come from and why people think the way they do. I love the PERSON inside, I don't judge by what they SAY I look at how they TREAT other people.

So it's interesting. It's an interesting place our world is in right now.

The voices are loud.

The silence is loud.

So what do we do?

I can tell you that my first instinct was to turn on music.

I think there's something to that.

I just watched the new film Elvis. I had no idea the controversy and hardship that he went through in his life.

And in that movie I was captured when he said that when times got hard, and there was nothing you could really "say".... you sing.

Did you know that music is stored in the deepest parts of your brain? The very last part to deteriorate in dementia patients. Remember the move Coco? The only thing that brought the old grandmother back is hearing and then singing the lyrics from the song her daddy used to sing to her.

My universal song, that rights all wrongs and feeds my inner-peace is "Into The Mystic" by Van Morrison.

What's yours? What's that song you never skip when it comes on?

Remember that song when you are experiencing this deafening silence. Close your eyes. Let the lyrics create deep grooves in your brain of love, acceptance, and peace.

Don't let silence blow out your eardrums. Don't let the voices muffle your inner peace. Be true to yourself in ALL things.

And as for me, I'll take Elvis's advice!

When you feel like you can't say anything... sing.

photography by Andy Johns - IG @theandyjohns

Makeup by Brandi Babin - IG @brandi.babin

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