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Distraction = Subtraction

I had the privilege of flying to Nashville last week for a photo shoot for the wonderful Johnathan Kayne!

While on the plane I was reading the book Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy. I love his books. He is so on point when it comes to being successful.

I read some amazing things, dog-eared pages I wanted to come back to, and couldn't wait to do the exercises that he recommended.

Unfortunately I left the book on the plane. I am so bummed...

I feel like I've been doing that a lot lately. And you know what I've noticed? Every time I have left something somewhere or forgotten something I have one common denominator in those instances... I'm on my phone.

So I'm adopting a new philosophy to help myself succeed and be more aware and in the moment. I will no longer be on my phone when:

  1. leaving my house

  2. coming back home from being out

  3. going to or being inside the store

  4. leaving or going to my car

  5. traveling from place to place while on vacation

  6. doing things with my kids

That phone is going to have to stay in my purse during those moments. I'm done forgetting the small little things that seem to have big impacts!

The distraction it is creating is actually subtracting from my life's joy.

Done... putting it away.

Time to focus.

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