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Do You Ever Just... Stop?

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

As I was cleaning up my room today and turning all the lights on (I am weird about lights - I love brightness) I stopped and stood there in my room and looked around.

This room has beautiful dark wood furniture, a soft comfy bed with a Victorian style headboard, and a beautiful white luxury comforter that were all gifted to me in support and love.

It has memories and pictures of the last few years on the walls along with my favorite artwork from my babies.

Evidence of my 3 separate but equally important businesses that I run is all over (and under) my desk, on all the bookshelves, and even shoved into my small closet.

This room is small... and it's a bit mismatched... and its cluttered... but its MINE.

It is my safe space.

It is my proof that I made it.

It is my evidence that not only did I survive, but I'm thriving.

It is my answered prayer.

As I looked around, all of these thoughts rushing through my head, I noticed a smile creeping onto my face... not invited necessarily, but like an old friend that pops by unannounced, warmly welcomed.

I couldn't help but say out loud... "I did it!"

"I made it."

And with that... I marveled at the difference between where I was 2, 3, 4 years ago... and where I am right now.

Wow.... Now that really IS something to marvel at.

To marvel means to become filled with surprise, wonder or amazed... to feel astonished or perplexity at or about.

I marvel at what a simple choice, a pound of courage, a few phone calls, and straight up conviction to one's future can really do in someone's life.

You have the power to choose every day what your life will look like tomorrow.

The only thing stopping you is fear of the unknown...

Take it from someone who had faith in and trusted the process...

The Unknown IS Your Promise!

Take courage, take heart, and take that step. You are WORTH it!

Your KIDS are worth it.

Life is SO short... Your gut knows what step you must take next. The only regret you'll have when you trust your gut, is not doing it sooner.

This blog is dedicated to the tribe of Mamas and Men who ROSE to the occasion... supported me through the fire... and helped me finally take a stand and stick it out.

You know who you are... I love you and I'll forever be grateful for the life and identity you helped me reclaim.


"I marvel at her brokenness... for the golden luster that mended her is utterly fascinating."

~Brandi Babin

Photographer: Andy Johns, Denver CO - @theandyjohns

Makeup Artist: Stephanie Larsen, Loveland CO - @live_strong2123

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