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Don't Mess Up!

So many people ask me all the time, "How do you do it?"

I'm like... do what? My life is no different than everyone else's daily chaos! I'm a business owner and single mother of 4! I struggle with finding time to exercise, work my business, eat healthy, make time for social networking, self care, relationships and building wealth while figuring out what's trending on instagram, what not to post, if what I said might make me unpopular, divvying up my finances correctly, watching the stock market, planning for recession, walking my dog, putting my kids into extracurriculars, making sure they are in a good school, shopping for healthcare options, wondering why there are so many taxes on... everything, realizing I have to register my dog as if he was a car and even take him in for emissions tests before they'll tell me he's safe for our county...

...what was I even talking about?

So yea... when someone asks me "how do you do it?" I just tell them this...

I do it exactly how you do it... one moment at a time.

I take care of what is in front of me, while trying my best to predict and plan for what might come.

I try to love myself enough to have plenty left to love others.

I read books and do research on how to be the best mom and try to find a balance between enjoying them and being strict enough to raise amazing adults.

I try setting boundaries with my relationships while also giving enough to make them feel loved and cherished as well.

I work hard, but not too hard because I don't want to get burnt out or be the person who's always "too busy" and yet I need to make enough money to provide for my family.

I do research and then get confused by ALL THE OPTIONS and advice out there.

And above all... I DON'T TRY TO BE PERFECT!!! If I'm not making mistakes... then I'm not living!

I see how influencers, the rich and famous, and icons are living their lives in the spotlight, trying to only let people see the good parts, because they believe that if people see them fall apart, it might be bad for business.

Well yes, it can be.

But there is also a beautiful effect to being relatable!

I don't want people to look at my instagram and Facebook and think "Wow her life is perfect". I want them to look at my pages and think, "Wow, she struggles with the same things I do and she's still ok!"

"She messes up and she still bounces back!"

"She makes mistakes and then uses them as lessons."

"She falls short and keeps on fighting."

"She cries when she's sad and laughs when she's happy."

"She apologizes when she messes up and it actually means something."

So next time you see someone on TV, Instagram, Facebook, or even someone in your community... I promise you... They DON'T have it all together all the time. They have hard days. They have self-doubt. Sometimes they are not "ok"... and that's ok.

Never compare yourself to them, and never compare them to you.

Give them grace

Give yourself grace

Stop the cycle of judgement against others, and also against yourself!

The truth is, we are all out here doing our best.

And sometimes our best looks different today than it did yesterday.

I see you doing you!

Keep it up, Momma!

Gently take it one moment at a time!

Oh... and don't forget to laugh at yourself!

Photographer: Andy Johns, Denver CO - @theandyjohns

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