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Empowering Moms and Kids: Navigating Co-Parenting with an Antagonist/Narcissist

Ready for a little reading adventure that's part heartwarming, part empowering, and all about turning the tables? Meet Vickie, the fierce, faith-filled momma behind The Survivor Center, on a mission to guide women through the storm of co-parenting with a toxic ex.

Introducing Vickie and The Survivor Center:

Vickie is the unstoppable force behind The Survivor Center, a sanctuary for women navigating the labyrinth of co-parenting with a toxic ex. A 24-year narcissistic abuse survivor, Vickie is not just rising from the ashes; she's reaching back into the fire to empower and uplift other women. 🔥 This is the guest speaker on the Shattered to Unbreakable Podcast, Episode 53, which is airing TODAY!

Vickie is calling women to step into their power, rise above the chaos, and design a life on their terms. With a spirit as unbreakable as her journey, Vickie is spilling ALL the tea on becoming unshakable through resilience and self-discovery. 💪

Through shared experiences and tales of resilience, Vickie and I speak candidly as she reveals her path from a 24-year toxic marriage to creating The Survivor Center.

The emotional rollercoaster, the tears, and the triumphs—they're all part of Vickie's narrative that promises hope and inspiration that most of you can relate to, especially if you have experienced the covert narcissist, which is hard to spot and when you do, even harder to leave.

Shifting from Shattered to Empowered: Vickie's Journey

Picture this: a corner of the kitchen, tears falling, a one-year-old watching. In this poignant moment, Vickie realized that staying meant sacrificing her daughter's God-given potential. It was time to break free from the chains of emotional abuse. Her journey, marked by leaving, returning, and finally breaking free, paints a vivid picture of the challenges faced by survivors as they navigate how to find safety, put a name to their suffering, and finally how to heal.

Navigating shared custody through "hell-on-earth," Vickie discovered the power of journaling. Amidst the chaos, she envisioned @the_survivor_center, a space to share lessons, healing, and empower others to rescue themselves and their children.

She does this by offering resources for women who just don't know what to do, how to do it, or where to turn. Here are just a couple of examples of courses Vickie has created for women as a roadmap to reclaiming their sanity and identity, allowing their kids to heal as well:

Empower Your Kids:

Imagine arming your kids with resilience, coping mechanisms, and a robust mindset to navigate the storm. This course dives deep into tools that empower kids to handle abuse, build confidence, and develop critical thinking skills. It's about shifting from protection to arming and equipping, creating a generation of empowered warriors.

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist:

The second course, Co-Parenting with a Narcissist, takes a comprehensive approach to every aspect of navigating life post-separation. From communication and boundaries to mindset mastery, Vickie offers a roadmap to not just survive but thrive in the face of psychological warfare.

Empowered Warriors Rising

Vickie's journey from shattered to unbreakable is an ongoing saga, filled with laughter, tears, and the unwavering strength found in the hearts of resilient women.

So, Sweet Sisters, remember this: the power to transform, to rise, and to design a life on your terms lies within you.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone dealing with co-parenting with difficult people, especially the hell-on-earth of a covert narcissist. Reclaim your sparkle and heal for real.

Stay Sparkly, Sweet Sisters!💖✨

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