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Have you ever just known?

Well, I did it!

I had my very first real, scheduled Life Coaching session!!!

Y'all, I'm proud to say that if felt SO RIGHT!

Just from that one 30-min block of time I received so much clarity for my purpose.

My purpose is helping women truly see how amazing they are.

I believe my Reclaim Journal be a great tool for this. The resources in that journal for self-growth, development, guidance, discovery, healing and more are going to make a huge impact on women who are feeling like there has to be more out there. This can't be all there is.

But Life Coaching is going to take that to another level! It will give me the opportunity to really gaze into someone's eyes and see the deeper hurts and dreams that are fighting to be noticed and awakened. The ones that they can't hide behind that smile they flash all day long. Even though on the inside they are screaming with quiet desperation.

I've never felt so sure of anything in my life. Coaching is my calling. And God has led me through some tough experiences to reach this point of peace in my life, but I'm so grateful because without those dark moments, I would not have had the growth and success that has led me to the woman I have become.

I get my inspiration and motivation for coaching from a book I recently read by Gregg Thompson called The Master Coach. It talks about becoming a great coach, versus learning great coaching strategies. From what he describes in his book, I have full confidence that I am sufficient. That my knowledge is enough. That my experience has provided wisdom. And that my hope can be facilitated in others.

I'm sure I'm just rambling right now because I'm so excited and usually when I am excited I ramble. Have you ever just sat there and thought about your circumstance and just knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were absolutely exactly where you were supposed to be when you were supposed to be there?

If you have not felt that, keep searching. It's simply divine.

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