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"Momory" - It's like memory... but different.

Oh man, I crack myself up!


I don't even remember how I came up with that. I just know that I seriously am forgetting things more and more.

Even things that I don't usually forget!

I lose my phone probably every other day.

I lose my car keys once a week.

I lose my Bobbi Pins... but I guess that has always been a thing.

I lose my shoes... always... and also my house slippers.

I lose every single thing that I "just had in my hand."

I'm serious y'all... I'm starting to just think that it'll never get better! I try all the things, too! Even the little puzzles that are supposed to keep you sharp... Nope... Not me! I'm SPECIAL.

But... Even in these crazy moments of "Momory" (after I get done scolding myself) I am able to laugh it off. I tell my roommate, my sister, my coworker, my friends and my man all about these crazy mis-haps and we all laugh.

I used to be SO HARD on myself! Of course I had help with the criticism... but "we don't talk about Bruno! No No!" LOL!

But after I realized that life is too short, and I'm too sparkly to beat myself up, I started seeing things very differently.

So I forget things... I eventually find them.... (except my birth certificate... still can't find that... and I "just had it!!").

Being forgetful or clumsy or goofy or even weird makes me who I am. It adds to my sparkle. It makes my shiny. I love who I am. And I wouldn't be me without these funny little stories to tell the whole world so that they can roll their eyes, throw their head back and chuckle while saying, "OMG, Brandi!"

I love sharing my fails as much as love sharing my successes! It gives everyone around me permission to fail, forget, and love themselves through it! Nobody needs to be perfect.... how BORING!

We need to be brilliantly flawed and perfectly ourselves!

Love you!

Seriously tho.... probably more than you do. Let's fix that!

Stay sparkly my friends!

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