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New Years Goals Hitting a Wall?

We can get SO excited about New Years resolutions and the first couple of weeks are invigorating aren’t they?

You are so motivated and driven and you feel like you’re CRUSHING your goals this year!!

This year will be different!

This year I’ll be better!

And then week three comes around and it’s a little harder to stay committed.

Week 4 happens and you’ve slipped up even more.

Then something happens at work, or you catch a cold, or you injure your leg, or you’re called in for an extra shift.

All of a sudden your goals are pushed aside and you PROMISE you’ll get back to them as soon as you are less stressed, or right after this big project, or right after you get more every, or right after your injury heals!

Sound familiar? Don’t ask me how I know 😉!

When you start to feel this happening, don’t stop your new habits. Just do them a little bit less for a couple days, or not as intense, or use that time to study up on your goals or do research to make you even MORE successful.

Don’t stop moving forward, just try something a little different!

Stay Sparkly my friends!

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