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Peace in the Struggle

This picture just about sums it all up for me lately.

The amount of peace that comes with healing is incredible. Oddly enough I don't even think it is just the healing that creates this peace. It is more about going through the struggle.

When you are in a place that feels so dark and so deep that there is no way out... but you hang on anyway... you finally find a way to fight. You finally start seeing a light in the distance.

Walking toward that light was the most uncertain, uncomfortable and scary thing I've ever done in my life! But once I realized that there was only healing ahead, and that the suffering would not go away, but actually become my REASON for success... it was much easier to trudge on.

This peace while I lay in the tree is actually a peace of knowing that the struggles will not stop. They will keep on coming. Wave after wave after wave. But now I know that I can not only live through them, but I can MAKE them my progress. I can MAKE them my reason. I can MAKE them my calling. I can MAKE them my purpose. And I can MAKE them my contrast to see just how joyful life is in the precious moments!

My only advice in this blog is that if you are struggling right now, ask yourself what it might look like on the other side. When the struggle subsides and before the next one begins. What will that look like. And how can you use that healing and that peacefulness to help others get to where you are.

We are all struggling and you'd be surprised how many people share your exact same story. Talk about it! Seek knowledge. Keep fighting. Keep an eye out for that scary light in the distance and when you see it, RUN FOR IT. No matter how uncomfortable or how scary it is. RUN for it and don't look back!

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