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Rebel to Excel

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Just follow all the rules and you'll be a success...


Just grind harder than everyone else and you'll be a success...

That's not right either.

Just invest in one more masterclass and you'll be a success...

Uh... nope.

Just be willing to sacrifice for your dream and you'll be a success...


Well, that's because they aren't! Not for you!

Here's the problem with advice, with rules, with governing parties, with norms, with politics, with society, with media... with ALL of it...

There is NO plan that works for everyone. And honestly, there is only ONE plan that will work for YOU!

Unfortunately, most likely, you're going to succeed by throwing away ALL the plans, and drafting your own!

How do I know this? I follow the successful people. They all have something in common. They didn't follow the rulebook... they made up their OWN, and then wrote a book about it. When you try and follow their rulebook, it doesn't work for you. Interesting...

So you look for another rising star, read their book, and try to do what they did. But...they also threw away the rulebook and made their own... and then wrote a book about it.

Do you see a pattern here?

Your success depends on when you FINALLY decide to throw away the rulebooks, and make your own!

I am NOT saying, "Don't read books."

The opposite is true, actually! Read ALL the books! Just take what you like, what works for you, what excites you, and what feels aligned and throw away the rest!

Be a REBEL! Fight for your opinion, your way, your viewpoint, your perspective! Kick down the walls and fake doors that people are setting for you! Do things DIFFERENTLY! Blaze your own path!

My favorite stars did just that! Dolly Parton doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks. She feels good about herself and she is still rocking it.

Beth Dutton, although fictional, has captured the favor of every country AND city girl that watches Yellowstone! She does what is best for her and her family, no matter the cost, and she looks good doing it. Her posture says everything.

Matt Higgins purposefully did bad in school, so that they would kick him out. Why? Because he could get a GED quicker and waste less time. Now he is one of the richest men in America, and teaches kids who have a "disadvantage" to actually USE their disadvantage to their advantage by creating the come-back story that everyone loves!

Being a rebel isn't about being selfish, it's about using the right tools in the right way at the right time. I'm not talking about using a hammer to hit nails. I'm talking about using a hammer by dislodging the head and using the handle for firewood to light up your path while using the head and a rock to start the fire!

Break the rules.

Find your way.

And don't listen to anyone who wants to tell you you're wrong!

You'll find out if you're wrong. I promise. And you'll learn more from the results of your failures and mistakes than you ever will from avoiding them while following someone else's advice.

Trust yourself. Find your inner rebel. And start LIVING!

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