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Shhh... You Can't Talk About That

I have to admit, I am SO tired of hearing what I can and cannot talk about. I have had my share of being silenced and I'm coming out of that shell... a little feisty!

So... Let's talk about Religion, Baby! LOL!

In all seriousness, I understand why religion is such a taboo topic. There are so many different religions, different views, different beliefs and different lifestyles. It would be impossible to have a one-size-fits-all spiritual answer. And I don't believe that anyone truly wants that.

What I wanted to talk about was the use of Spiritual Warfare.

I know I've mentioned before, but if you're new, I'm Catholic. I'm very proud of my faith and I believe in it whole-heartedly. However!!! There are many many many Catholics who have it ALL WRONG and they are ruining it for others that get curious or have questions.

I could go into the history of it and why I believe in it, and try to debunk the myths and misconceptions that I think are floating about, but that really wouldn't do any good, and that's exactly my point to this entire blog today.

Spirituality should never, in my opinion, be an argument. I'm going to use this blanket statement that I just want you to take as a very general statement, "As long as what you believe makes you do good and doesn't hurt others, I don't care what you believe! You do you, Boo!"

What I do NOT like and cannot STAND is when people use the Bible, their religion, or condemnation to attack people. I remember going to college and see people standing on stools and benches screaming into a megaphone that everybody there was going to hell. That was completely outrageous to me, and what was really surprising even more was the crowd of people they seemed to attract. They would just sit there and argue with these people as if that was going to do any good. All it did was make people furious and they left hating christianity even more than when they arrived.

Christians are ruining christianity. I know I've said this before, and I'll keep saying it. You cannot PREACH your faith. You have to LIVE it. It's one thing to tell someone how they should be living. It's another to try to actually live your own advice. And if you give people a hard time, shaming them into submission or fear, they will watch you mess up and hold you to that same standard with an unforgiving vigor... just as you did to them.

This is why I loved Young Life, and everything it stands for. They don't shove religion down your throat, they create and provide an atmosphere where everyone can be themselves! They love kids unconditionally. They attract the kids that might not be feeling that love at home. And then when the kids get curious about where this love is coming from, they introduce Jesus.

My friend Aubrey told me a great analogy. "It's like hearing someone playing Beethoven and completely butchering it, and then blaming Beethoven for the pianist's performance!" It's amazing imagery isn't it!

That's what it's like with faith and religion too. If you see a bad christian, don't blame Jesus! Blame that christian!

Another one I loved was her saying, "Church is meant to be a hospital for sinners, not a country club for saints!"

Becoming Catholic was a challenge! I learned that there are people who passionately hate Catholicism and when they find out I'm associated with that, they hate me too. I have had to learn to stop talking so much about my faith, and just live it. Then, when people want to know why my life is so amazing, I can share it with them in an atmosphere of welcoming.

When I say I won't be silent, what I mean is that I won't stop talking about christians flamboyantly pretending to be appealing when they bash, judge, call out or shame others. Don't use the bible to hurt people... use it for self-accountability.

Don't shun someone for their beliefs... watch their actions.

Don't tell me to be quiet... ask what experiences I've had to lead me to my opinion... and truly listen.

We have to stop using Spirituality as Warfare, and start using it to create community and unity. Women especially! Do you know how amazing God thinks women are? The mentioning of the sacredness and extreme value of women is all over the bible! We need to look at each other that same way. And even more importantly, we need to look at ourselves that way.

So I won't go silent... but I will speak more with my actions, the way I live, and the choices I make. And that will be LOUD!

Find out more on this topic on the Shattered to Unbreakable Podcast - which now has videos on YouTube and Spotify! Enjoy!

Stay Sparkly Sweet Sisters!

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