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The Fork in the Road!

I was having a conversation last night with someone about what to do when you reach a roadblock in your life. The conversation want in the way of the fact that there are two options. One is that you fail, give up, stop trying. The other is that you keep pressing on as you always have. I decided to create a third path on that fork. My path would be to learn from the roadblock, adjust your path or mode of transportation, and THEN move on! If you keep on going on the way you always have, you'll see no growth, no change, and possibly keep hitting the same roadblock or even worse, travel in circles.

I would say that is just as bad as giving up, only it takes more energy.

Adjust. Grow. Find a new way to travel. Find a new way to reach your destination. Or even change your destination! Just do SOMETHING different! You'll look back on your journey one day and be amazed at what you have overcome!

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