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The Truth About Pain

When you feel physical pain, you are told to go to the doctor.

When you feel emotional pain, you are told to go to a therapist.

Although there is nothing wrong with either one of those things, and I would never tell you NOT to go to a doctor OR a therapist, because I'm a huge advocate for therapy especially, and can tell you that what I learned about pain makes SO much sense as to why CHRONIC PAIN exists in our world.

We are disconnected.

We are treated the body and the brain separately. The only problem with that is, our body and our brains are connected 100% of the time. When we feel pain in our body, it is our brain that tells us this.

If you think you are going to throw up, you'll probably throw up.

If you think you are going to have a migraine, you will probably have a migraine.

We have books upon books, and studies upon studies that tell us about the power of the mind. What you think about, you bring about. Think and grow rich. Secrets of a millionaire mind. If you think you can't, or you think you can, you're right. I could go on and on, and I'm sure you can think of a few of these phrases and books too!

The truth is, we have to treat them together! We have so many remedies for "tricking your brain" and I have grown to DESPISE that concept. Our brain cannot and should not be tricked. It is forever a part of you and your best tool for peace, success and meaning. What we truly need is connection. When you connect your body and your brain in harmony, that is called Somatic Experiencing and it heals! It's the technique used in so many holistic therapies like Brainspotting, EMDR, Tapping, and Neuro-Coaching.

When your brain feels unprotected, even emotionally, it will trigger the body to protect you. A very REAL way your brain protects you is PAIN. Think about when you touch something hot. Your brain realizes that there is a danger there, and it creates a quick "pull-back" response to get your hand away from the hot object. When there is a loud noise, your brain instantly tells your body to jump to prepare for fight or flight, freeze or fawn to protect you from the danger that might be around you. When something is thrown at you, your brain automatically tells your hands to come up and shield your face, in order to protect you.

The same thing goes for emotional pain. Anxiety is your brain's way of protecting you from a situation that was traumatic in the past. Depression is your brain's way of protecting you from emotional heartache, embarrassment, frustration, etc. PTSD is your brain's way of literally keeping you alive, because you almost died, and your brain understands that you need to live. Pain is always telling you that you are in danger, and something needs to change.

"Pain is a request for change." ~Katie Sutton

I learned SO much about pain in the podcast episode with a Neuro-Coach and Somatic Specialist, Katie Sutton. Katie melds physical, social and emotional pain all into one, so she can treat your pain in a bio-pyscho-social way. She has worksheets to dissect where your pain might be coming from (a pain in your neck might not actually have to do with neck injuries).

"Pain is not just one thing." ~Katie Sutton

Katie can pinpoint what might be causing your brain to keep telling you that you are in danger, even when you aren't. Your past experiences are trapping your brain into a fight or flight, freeze or fawn response, and Katie has the tools to help you break through that without MASKING it with medication. I'm not saying you don't need medication, because sometimes western medicine is another great tool in some instances, but I'm tired of questioning whether or not the doctor is really treating me, or just wanting that kickback from the pharmaceutical industry. I 100% would rather treat my bio-psycho-social pain holistically FIRST!

We learned from Teneil Jayne last week, that the USA has the highest levels of anxiety in the world, while we also have the most "comfortable" lives. Katie puts this into REAL life perspective in your own life. Katie has a solution that is mind-blowing! If you want to hear more, hop on to the Shattered to Unbreakable Podcast for Season 2! Right now the WORrior series is going on and Episode 36 is all about Katie and her Neuro-Coaching program!

If you struggle with chronic pain, unexplained pain, you want to try something other than meds, or you just feel like you have tried everything else, give Katie Sutton a shout! Follow her on Instagram to find out more @thekatiesutton.

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