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There has to be more to life than this...

I just had the most heart-opening conversation with a beautiful soul this morning.

I have been struggling with finding my very specific niche for the Reclaim Journal.

Of course my heart and my experience wants to help THE WHOLE WORLD! End all suffering, stop the hurt, heal the hurting, etc!

Obviously that's too broad and I cannot connect with every single woman on this planet.

My heart was being pulled to focus on the idea, "There has to be more to life than this."

However; I hesitated because I thought that may be too "deep" or too morbid. I decided I would gravitate more towards helping people accomplish goals that they have set year after year and have never been able to accomplish.

Goal setting is my jam. I love it. Habit Tracking is so important! Self Development is beautiful. There is so much out there to help someone who is already motivated level up! But what is out there for someone who just feels... stuck.

Like they don't even have the motivation to MAKE a goal.

That's what my Reclaim journal is for. Its for discovery. As the title states, A Journey to Self-Discovery.

So this woman that I was having coffee with said to me, "I don't know if you have every thought this or felt this way, but I can't help but wake up in the morning and think, 'There has to be more than this.'"

My eyes got really big and I was like YES!!!!!!!

OK! The world DOES need this focus. I have my sign. Thank you God for speaking through people. I have my answer.

I'm so excited!!

Let the discovery begin!

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