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What is "Imposter Syndrome" anyway?

Updated: May 23, 2022

I've been seeing this phrase "Imposter Syndrome" used frequently on social media lately.

I vaguely knew what it was, just by guessing from the content...

Sounds like people who are afraid of trying something that other people are already doing?

Well finally I decided to look it up, and there was ONE picture from with a description that caught my eye and got me excited... Here's what it says:

"Imposter Syndrome: High-achieving individuals are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a "fraud"... sound familiar?

Imposter Syndrome affects WOMEN more predominantly than men.

Those with Imposter Syndrome are often HIGHER ACHIEVERS in their fields or peer groups.

FEAR OF FAILURE & crippling Perfectionism are common in those suffering with Imposter Syndrome.

Remember this: Your LITTLE MESSAGE is an important piece of the BIG PUZZLE!"

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Did I read this right?

This means that the people in our world that are MOST qualified to be making a huge impact are feeling like they are inadequate. The people with the most talent, wisdom, experience and expertise are hiding in the shadows, fully aware of their potential, but too scared to believe and trust in themselves.

And not only that, but they are my Sparkle Sisters!!!! High-Impact Successful Women!!!!

This lit a fire in me today that I cannot dismiss.

My focus for my brainspotting sessions is shifting for the next 6 months.

I am going to be focusing on High-Achieving Women with Imposter Syndrome. This is a tragedy that needs immediate attention. Since I have recent experience overcoming this by way of Brainspotting and staying in my circle of impactful and supportive people, I know first-hand that this can be overcome in weeks if not days! I overcame mine in less than 8 weeks.

So if you or anyone you know is suffering from this, send them to the website for a free consultation. Especially because I'm rolling out a new app in the next 2 weeks and I need 10 Founding Members to help me design a killer program (by giving feedback as they work through the modules and exercises). This App is going to be a Game-Changer for High Impact, High Achievement women! Stay tuned!


I chose this picture for a reason today to go with this post. This photo shoot was far beyond my comfort zone. I felt kind of silly painted from head-to-toe, and extremely cold! LOL! But I just went with it, trusting the make-up artist and photographer. They chose me even though they each know many models who are more beautiful, have more experience, and have more skill. But they chose me, exactly the way I am, with exactly the skill level I'm at, and exactly the experience I've had, which isn't a lot. Even with that being known, look how beautiful the picture turned out. There is so much open for interpretation, which I love because this picture has such deep meaning for each of the three of us! It was truly a masterpiece. Had I let Imposter Syndrome stop me, I'd be looking at a different model, wishing I had just taken the opportunity to try it!

Photography by Andy Johns (IG: @theandyjohns) and make-up by Stephanie Larsen (On Facebook)

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