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Who are you, anyway?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

I was listening to an audiobook yesterday and the author said one of the most profound things I've ever heard and I want to share it with you!

The audiobook I was listening to was about being a Master Coach. I want to help people SO badly to get out of the rut they might be in and rise above it because I know how absolutely frustrating that feeling is.

I spent 8 years in a deep rut. A trench really. Every direction I tried to go was dead-end after dead-end after dead-end. I would work SO hard believing that there was an end in sight only to find that I would end up in the exact same place or worse than where I started.

I slipped into a despair, losing hope and losing my energy for the grind. That was, until I started seeing myself differently.

I don't remember who said it or what it was, but I started seeing myself as I could be versus who I thought I was in that moment. This view of myself carried me on to a confidence and a presence that was unshakeable and unbreakable! I started making changes in my life that stuck. I started creating habits that didn't waiver. My will power became stronger. My circle of friends became tighter. My work ethic became more focused. Everyone around me started noticing the difference and they were asking me what I was doing different.

This is it - what was said in this audiobook is exactly what was different. This picture of this woman with her guns, glasses and ponytail was it. I saw this picture while scrolling Facebook one day and she struck me hard. Here's where my mind went: This girl has been through HELL. She is dirty, sweaty, and tired. But she is NOT going down. She put her hair up, put her glasses on, and armed herself so well that nothing would be able to destroy her. And not only that, she has skills. She knows how to use her weapon. She's not afraid of the kick. She's not afraid of the sound. Her aim is steady and accurate. She's not afraid of the consequences. She will fight for her beliefs, for her family, and most importantly for herself.

This picture was immediately printed out, and posted in 5 different places in my house and is still to this day the wallpaper on my phone. For over a year she has been staring me in the face every day telling me that I AM HER. It has helped me get through the darkest year of my life because I know in my deepest depths that I truly am her.

What I heard in this audiobook changed my perspective on what I am trying to do right now and here's why. I felt that I could not be a coach if I wasn't already successful. Well, what is success to people? It is different for every person. I thought I had to be rich, live in a big house and travel overseas twice a year to be able to coach people successfully. Well to me, success is escaping abuse, living on my own two feet, starting the business of my dreams, and publishing a book. I'm there. My version of success has been reached! I am ready. And my view of myself is really all that matters!

Here's what was said in that book, "I don't want you to tell me about yourself, I want you to tell me about yourself as if you were already who you want to be."

Can you imagine introducing yourself as your dream person RIGHT NOW!?!?!? Try it. Right down your introduction of yourself as exactly who you WANT to be!

I was so incredibly blessed to have a friend of mine who was able to capture my dream and live out my manifestation of self! The pictures are below. They illustrate my drive, my heart, my skill, my fight, and my confident stillness.

Everything you need to become who you want to be is already inside of you. You just need to put yourself into and environment where she can come out and truly live it.

That is why I started my Reclaim Coaching program. Check it out in my shop on

This is for you. I am here to bring you face to face with your future self. She's closer to you than you think.

Special Thank you to Andy Johns for your photography IG@theandyjohns and Cory Gannon for your makeup skills.

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